2014 has been the busiest year yet for SIGA Fear FX with orders for Halloween arriving as early as February and coming from all corners of Europe and as far away as Australia. To meet demand, we have introduced a number of new products to our online catalogue (www.fearfx.co.uk) including an autopsy body (a full size, 3D adult male complete with copious amounts of blood), a set of three decomposing and burnt skeletons affectionately named ‘BBQ bones’, a 17 inch tall body part cake which has been beautifully decorated with assorted severed parts including hands, faces and ears and a set of three butchered female bodies in cadaver bags. If none of these tickle your fancy, how about something from our lighting range where we’ve launched a bulkhead flicker light and a standalone flicker bulb which provide great atmospherics for any scare attraction or home haunt.

Alternatively, if you really want to scare someone, why not try out our horn trolley? This innocent looking sack trolley piled with crates hides a not so innocent surprise – simply wheel it up behind an unsuspecting person, press the hidden button and watch as they jump high into the air after they’ve been deafened by outrageously loud air horns.

For more information on any of these great new products, visit our website at www.fearfx.co.uk or give us a call on 01243 837835.

Image courtesy of AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment