Warner announced several new shows for 2014. ‘Piano Legends’ is a show that takes guests on a theatrical and dramatic journey of iconic piano legends from classical composers to rock stars. For the set we produced various items including large flags, podiums for the dancers and the logos and musical notes backdrop for the stage.

‘Curtain Up’ is a tribute to classic West End Shows. Bright lights, new costumes, new dance numbers and a selection of the music and songs from some of the best loved musicals of all time. Some of the props we supplied were rather unusual including spoons, palm leaves and buckets!

‘Anchors Away – a Cruise on Land’ continues to be extremely popular after a very successful run in 2014 with more destinations lined up for 2015. Guests on the special four night breaks are transported to four different locations around the world and treated to fantastic entertainment and food. Our flags, props and destination signs help the guests feel as though they really are sailing the seven seas.